emWare releases new service for remote device management

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, Oct. 3, 2003 — emWare®, a provider of Remote Device Management (RDM) solutions, announced the availability of the DeviceView Service.

The DeviceView Service is an enterprise RDM system that will dramatically reduce remote equipment service costs by allowing companies to easily and cost-effectively manage their equipment anywhere in the world. emWare also announced the availability of its 90-Day DeviceView Pilot Program for companies interested in making an immediate impact on service revenue in just two weeks.

The DeviceView Service consists of an enterprise database, messaging and routing system, serial-based communication modules provided by leading third-party hardware suppliers, and an intuitive Web-based service management application.

Serial-based devices and equipment located in the field that are connected to DeviceView-enabled communication modules can contact the DeviceView Service via Ethernet, modem or wireless GSM/GPRS networks to exchange relevant device information. This data is then stored in the database for later retrieval using DeviceView’s Web-based enterprise service management application.

Service technicians can access this information to determine the operational status of the remote equipment and take appropriate action if the equipment falls outside acceptable levels of operation. The DeviceView Service also continuously monitors this information and can notify the appropriate personnel when an alert condition exists on their equipment.

According to John C. William, managing director of the FocalPoint Group, LLC, “Service organizations are increasingly faced with aging field assets, higher labor and transportation costs, and more demanding customer environments. These organizations need simplified, enterprise-level applications that allow for remote asset monitoring.” Williams added “emWare’s DeviceView Service provides the means to connect field support staff with device history and real-time information, enabling field operations to achieve wide-spread optimization.”

With emWare’s DeviceView Service, companies can easily deploy an enterprise-level, remote equipment management solution without incurring the typical hundreds of thousands of dollars in development time and implementation costs. With communication hardware costs ranging from $49-$250 per communication module, and monthly service fees ranging from $3-$5 per device, companies can begin to immediately realize the benefits of advanced remote equipment management. emWare is also offering a low-cost, limited-time, 90-Day Pilot Program in which emWare will enable a company’s device for remote service and management in just two weeks of receipt of their device protocol definition and test hardware.

For more information, visit www.emware.com or www.deviceview.com.

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