Encore Networks introduces environmentally hardened router SCADA networks

Dulles, VA, May 25, 2006 — Encore Networks announced an environmentally hardened version of its proven BANDIT product optimized for utility applications and protocols. The BANDIT-III handles all variants of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) protocol, both bit- and byte-oriented, with strong encryption of all traffic and complete remote management capabilities after a simple “plug and play” installation. Hardened construction allows the BANDIT-III to operate over wide temperature ranges at remote sites without environmental control.

“We’ve seen utilities pushed by regulators and industry initiatives to improve security and availability of their internal networks at the same time that telecommunications carriers are making traditional analog transmission services more expensive,” said Jack Stoddard, Encore vice president. “Utility operators face a double dose of change as they migrate a large installed base of legacy remote terminal units to more modern digital transmission services.”

“In addition, the BANDIT-III meets the emerging ROHS standard which places strict controls on pollutants including the elimination of lead in the manufacturing process. Already mandated by the European Union, ROHS has been adopted by both California and New York. Other states will soon follow.”

The standard Encore ELIOS operating software supports all versions of SCADA protocols over serial and Ethernet interfaces. One BANDIT-III connects up to six serial RTUs and multiple IP-capable RTUs at a site. Built in control and management tools enable the BANDIT-III to operate under any SNMP-based network management system. Also standard in ELIOS is a quick failover from a primary to a backup connection. Users have complete freedom to configure any transmission service as primary and any as backup including Frame Relay, VSAT, cellular wireless, cable modem, DSL, dial-up and others.

Hardware acceleration of encryption ensures minimal latency or delay and supports up to 30 encrypted sessions (VPN tunnels). The other end of each tunnel may go to a different site and be dedicated to a different application to support network management, voice, and email as well as SCADA.

As a fully featured router, the BANDIT-III can also:

* Prioritize traffic according to policy rules of the user’s choice.
* Operate as a firewall and apply access control by IP address.
* Translate private IP addresses to public addresses (Network Address Translation).

BANDIT-III offers a range of upstream connectivity to the network: 10/100 Ethernet, frame relay, cellular radio data link, leased line, and an integral V.90/V.92 modem. There are two slots for cellular radio modules, either of which may be GSM or CDMA. The two wireless connections can be provisioned on separate cellular networks for higher availability and wider geographic coverage. Cellular links may be the primary connection, the backup, or both.

The BANDIT-III is scheduled for general customer shipments during the late summer of 2006.

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