Encorp rounds out menu of offerings with automatic transfer switch product line

WINDSOR, COLO., June 28, 2002 — Encorp’s newest product line-the ATS 400, ATS 1200 and ATS 4000 automatic transfer switch-rounds out the technology company’s broad service, software and product offerings.

The new Encorp Power Automatic Transfer Switch product line, featuring the Generator Power Control (GPC)-or “Gold Box”-is ideal for use in standby, closed transition soft load or continuous parallel applications.

Differentiating the Encorp ATS line is the flexibility it provides customers who want to upgrade their existing Encorp on-site power system at any time during the design phase or after installation. The operation of the Encorp ATS can be changed to accommodate greater, more complex system needs, facility modifications or application upgrades by simply modifying firmware embedded in the GPC – thus saving substantial resources.

Additionally, Encorp’s ATS product line replaces standard open transition transfer switches because it offers the following:

“- a soft load closed transition application;
“- a combination standby/peak-shaving application by performing functions of a traditional ATS during utility outages and providing peak-shaving parallel operation to reduce energy costs;
“- an interruptible-rate application in which, under contract, a company allows the utility to turn on the company’s generator(s) during utility peak times – thus greatly reducing the utility’s energy demand upon the grid and providing a reduction in energy costs;
“- an export-to-utility application, which creates additional revenue for the company and reduces stress on the electrical grid.

Encorp, located in Windsor, Colo., develops and markets a line of services, software and hardware technology solutions for the communication, control and networking of distributed energy.

The technology company focuses on addressing the digital economy’s principle power-related issues of energy-efficiency management, power quality, reliability and supply.

For more information on Encorp, visit www.encorp.com.

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