Endesa reports larger market share of Spain’s electricity distribution market

NEW YORK, Jan. 16, 2003 — The demand of electricity for Endesa in Spain during 2002 was 93,860 GWh, a 3.1% increase over 2001 on homogeneous terms without taking into account the electricity distributed to the market that was sold to Enel Viesgo.

On a homogeneous basis, the electricity demand in the mainland for Endesa in 2002 was 82,181 GWh in bus bar, representing an increase of 3.02% against 2001 and compared to a 1.45% increase for the rest of the sector. This rise is explained by the fact that the markets where Endesa operates are the ones with the highest economic development in Spain.

In the islands, the demand increased by 3.27% with a total of 11,679 GWh in bus bar.

By distribution areas, the demand for Endesa in Catalonia was 42,368 GWh, an increase of 2.2% against 2001; in the Southern area (Andalusia and Extremadura) was 33,398 GWh, a 4.6% increase, and in Aragon 6,415 GWh, 0.4% higher than the previous year.

The electricity demand is satisfied through purchases from the pool and the Special Regime. Purchases from the latest amounted to 14,246 GWh in 2002, a 3.58% increase vis-a-vis 2001. The demand growth has been as expected, thereby maintaining the upward trend of the last years, although slightly slowing down the rhythm of growth.

During 2002 the market share in distribution in Spain was 42.4% vs. 42.0% in the previous year and in the Spanish mainland was 39.2% against 38.8% in 2001.

Finally, out of the total of 93,680 GWh, 21,671 GWh correspond to the electricity that has been transmitted through Endesa’s grid to supply the demand of the liberalized market, the majority of which, 20,197 GWh, correspond to Endesa Energia, the supplier owned by Endesa, and 1,474 GWh to the rest of suppliers that operate in the market. On the other hand, Endesa Energia has supplied 2,042 GWh to its liberalized clients through the grids of other distributors in different areas of those where Endesa distributes electricity.

More information: http://www.endesa.es

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