Energiedirect deploys Excelergy Revenue Manager

Lexington, Mass. and Helmond, The Netherlands, October 23, 2002 — Excelergy Revenue Manager will handle billing, revenues, customer care, collaborative communications and information exchange for Energiedirect, which will offer electricity and-as of January 2004-natural gas to residential Dutch customers.

“Excelergy enabled Essent’s subsidiary to achieve one of the fastest ever certifications-if not the fastest ever-for entry into the competitive Dutch power market. Excelergy Revenue Manager also has them well prepared to capitalize on future Dutch gas market opportunities as well,” said Bill Mahoney, president and chief executive officer of Excelergy. “We’re pleased to have Energiedirect join our growing community of satisfied clients in Europe and throughout the world.”

Excelergy Revenue Manager is a fully integrated billing, customer and revenue management software platform that enhances customer enrollment and retention, enables personalized billing, and improves revenue management and collections for companies operating in competitive and restructuring markets worldwide. With multi-currency and multi-lingual capabilities, Excelergy Revenue Manager enables energy/utility companies to efficiently market and sell multiple commodities, products and services and accurately bill and serve even the highest customer volumes.

Excelergy Revenue Manager provides easy, secure access to a single, real-time billing and customer management system for customer service representatives, streamlining a client’s call center operations while enabling improved customer service quality at reduced response times. Excelergy Revenue Manager also automatically and securely manages information exchange with a client’s market partners and central market operators, minimizing data errors and inefficiencies and providing detailed audit trails of all transactions to insure verification and transaction integrity.

About Essent NV

Serving 2.5 million customers, Essent NV is the Netherlands’ largest electricity, gas, cable and waste processing company. Essent Energie’s activities focus on energy generation, asset-backed energy trading, energy supply to business and residential customers, and complementary energy services. More information is available through www.essent.nl.

About Excelergy Corporation

Excelergy is a provider of high performance software platforms that automate six mission-critical business processes-forecasting, trading, scheduling, billing, settlement and customer/partner acquisition and care-in the energy/utility industry and other restructuring value chains.

Excelergy’s software systems are based on an open, object-oriented, Web-based, native XML technology architecture. More information is available at www.excelergy.com.

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