Energize America Educational Institute launches energy efficiency awareness program

PRINCETON JUNCTION, NJ, Feb. 5, 2002 — Energize America Educational Institute (EAEI)-a non-profit institute, developed by industry leaders who form the advisory board, dedicated to promoting the use of energy-efficient products and technologies-announced today that it has launched a public awareness program called Energize America (EA).

The EA program is tailored to address commercial and residential energy needs and includes an Internet portal (located at energizeamerica.org) where online networking can occur.

The EA awareness initiative serves to bring together energy users and energy service companies, manufacturers of energy-efficient products, sources of project financing, utilities, and environmental and government agencies to facilitate implementation of energy-efficiency projects. Additionally, EA serves as an electrical industry resource for business and residential audiences providing energy cost saving information and energy-efficient ideas, while helping to locate assistance and products for implementing energy-efficient solutions for businesses.

“EAEI is pleased to be launching this important project,” said Jeffrey Barnhart, advisory board member and spokesperson of EAEI. “America has a tremendous opportunity to drastically reduce its energy usage, trimming electricity costs by as much as 30 percent. Americans can also help the environment by reducing the number of pollutants produced through electricity generation. Through Energize America, we hope to spread the word and help corporations to be more energy efficient.”

The commercial section of the Web site is designed to meet the needs of energy users who have become aware of the energy savings opportunities in lighting and mechanical equipment upgrades, and are seeking the next step of initiating an energy upgrade. The site serves as an electrical industry resource at which commercial business audiences and upgrade providers can locate each other. For the energy user, it is a source of providers and for the providers it is source of leads to offer energy audits and upgrade project proposals.

Because nearly 90 percent of the estimated five million commercial buildings in the United States are more than 15 years old, they could not, in their initial construction, take advantage of the more energy-efficient technologies developed in the last decade-technology considered standard in today’s new construction. An electrical product upgrade can include upgrades in lighting fixtures and lamps, controls and sensors, transformers, motors and drives, and HVAC equipment.

Similar to the commercial section, the residential section of the Web site is designed to meet the needs of homeowners who seek home improvement information in an effort to realize a reduction in energy usage and light pollution that would translate into less expensive utility bills and an overall increase in home value. The residential section assists homeowners in locating manufacturers and provides product information, a directory of participating services, product and information providers, with links to their Internet sites.

“Energize America goes one step further than other resources currently available by helping users locate installation assistance and products for energy-efficient upgrades,” said Jeffrey Barnhart. “By facilitating this networking, we will, in essence, create a turn-key solution to the energy issues that are plaguing America.”

EA is offering varying levels of partnership opportunities. For more information about EAEI and EA or if you are interested in becoming a partner of EA, please visit the Web site at www.energizeamerica.org, call toll-free at 866-561-5129 or email: nchan@energizeamerica.org.

About EAEI
Based in Princeton Junction, NJ, Energize America Educational Institute (EAEI) is a non-profit educational institute, formed by an advisory board, dedicated to promoting the use of energy-efficient products and technologies by serving as the premier resource for energy-saving ideas and solutions for business and the home. By facilitating the use and installation of energy-efficient products and technologies, EAEI advocates reduced energy consumption across the country to achieve economic and environmental benefits.

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