Energy Casualty Report: California’s future job base may be in trouble

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Aug. 16, 2001 – The California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) today released the second edition of what unfortunately looks to be its ongoing Energy Casualty Report.

“Straddled with disproportionate rate increases from 50 to 190 percent, this report shows the state’s manufacturers and large businesses reeling after only one month of the new electricity rates. California’s working families have reason to be very concerned about the state’s job base today, in six months, and beyond,” said CMTA President Jack M. Stewart.

The Casualty Report, which details testimonials from California businesses, lists recent employment casualties as a direct result of the recent rate increase – including four plant closures, four hiring freezes, eight production and cite losses and 10 companies implementing layoffs. It also highlights companies that could potentially scale back operations or send jobs out of California if the state fails to relieve this unfair financial burden.

“This is a truly sad situation for the state’s business community and the millions of hard- working men and women whose jobs depend on a vibrant economy and sound economic decisions by their elected leaders,” added Stewart. “Hopefully, it’s not too late for the Legislature and Public Utilities Commission to stop creating policies based on political motivations and start thinking about the families that depend on a paycheck to pay their electricity bills.”

CMTA will continue to update this document bi-weekly and the report can be retrieved at: The California Manufacturers and Technology Association (formerly the California Manufacturers Association) works to improve and preserve a strong business climate for California’s 30,000 manufacturers, processors and technology based companies.

For more than 82 years CMTA has worked with the state Legislature to pass balanced legislation to stimulate economic growth and create new jobs while safeguarding the state’s environmental resources.

CMTA represents businesses from the entire manufacturing community – a segment of our economy that contributes more than $250 billion annually to the economy and employs more than 2 million Californians.

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