Energy Monitoring System Selected for R&D 100 Award

Energy Monitoring System Selected for R&D 100 Award

A new technology that will help utilities forecast their residential customers` energy needs has been chosen as one of the 100 top technological developments of the year by R&D Magazine. The product, now called “SPEED,” (Single Point End-use Energy Disaggregation) by its marketer, Enetics, Victor, N.Y., was developed by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and originally called the Non Intrusive Load Monitoring System (NIALMS).

NIALMS is a small, electronic data recorder that is installed under a customer`s utility meter to calculate the energy use of individual loads. The data is transmitted over telephone lines to a master station computer at the customer`s utility.

NIALMS uses a patented pattern-recognition software to identify when various household appliances are turned on and off. The system can reduce the cost of utility residential load surveys by up to 60 percent.

“This system gives utilities an accurate, low-cost and reliable tool for measuring electricity demand and predicting load growth and trends in electricity use,” said Steve Drenker, EPRI`s information systems and telecommunications manager.

“Until the development of NIALMS, there was no way to measure individual appliance energy consumption without installing separate monitors on each appliance. NIALMS is another step toward enabling the customer to be a smart user of electric energy,” said Clark Gellings, EPRI`s customer services group vice president. “We are pleased that the value of the technology has been recognized by R&D Magazine and its panel of experts.”

Sponsors of NIALMS development include Consolidated Edison, Rochester Gas & Electric, Empire State Electric Energy Research Corp., and the New York State Energy Development Authority.

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