Energy Service Solution for Canada

Energy Service Solution for Canada

Ontario Hydro Technologies has developed a new product which will allow utilities to realize operational savings as well as offer a suite of new services to its residential customers. Energy Service Gateway (ESG) enables remote meter reading (routine and special reads), load shifting, time-of-use rates, outage and tamper detection and remote service disconnection. For a modest monthly service charge, consumers can receive new services such as energy management, on-line display of energy consumption, enhanced home security, local news headlines and a platform for home automation.

Use of existing narrowband communication media (power- lines and telephones) keeps the cost of ESG much lower than systems requiring two-way cable. However, when consumers are willing to pay for interactive video and other broadband applications, CEBus standard protocol ensures that ESG will not become obsolete.

Within the next few weeks, Ontario Hydro will be installing ESG systems in 150 trial homes in a community near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This will be the first utility trial to focus on the mass market potential of home automation services.

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