Energy Technology Solutions to enter Japanese power market

BALTIMORE, August 10, 2005 — Energy Technology Solutions LLC (ETS) has reached an agreement with International Access Corporation (IAC) of Washington, D.C, to jointly explore opportunities for ETS’ cutting-edge optimization, process control, early warning and diagnostic technology in the Japanese power market.

“This technology is unprecedented in its ability to provide early warning, diagnostics, optimization and control for entire generating plants,” said James Hawkins, CEO of ETS. “Until now, optimization within utility plants has been limited to only being able to monitor individual pieces of equipment and subsystems because of their algorithm complexity and their ability to handle a large number of parameters. The scalability of this technology makes it possible to provide simultaneous real-time optimization and control with accompanying early warning, diagnostics and continuous learning for an entire generating plant, transmission and distribution systems, as well as other ancillary systems,” he added.

ETS’ unique patented technology is currently undergoing testing at several locations around the world. With an almost unlimited scalability, the technology is uniquely suited to provide overall control and visibility to complex systems such as utility generating plants as well as control and load forecasting on transmission and distribution systems.

Tomohiro Yuki, president & CEO of IAC noted that “the unique capability of the ETS technology should be of great benefit and interest for a wide variety of applications throughout the Japanese power industry � an industry that is generally at the forefront of technology innovation and operates some of the most sophisticated and reliable power plants in the world. This technology can help continue that innovative pioneering of power technologies.”

About ETS

ETS delivers complete system-wide solutions designed to improve the management and reliability of generation, transmission and distribution assets. ETS offices are located in Atlanta, Baltimore, Kansas City and Jerusalem.

About IAC

IAC is a diversified research, consulting and marketing firm with offices in Washington, D.C., and Tokyo providing business, technology and policy intelligence in the areas of energy, environment, transportation, science and technology, business support, and IT services.

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