Enermetrix announces program to help small companies take advantage of energy trading

ATLANTA, Ga., July 29, 2002 – To make the benefits of energy trading more accessible to growing companies, Enermetrix announced a program recently that, for a limited time, gives energy buyers access to the Enermetrix Network without the up-front costs that often dissuade smaller companies from using an exchange.

Through newly created Enermetrix LLC, Energy brokers, service companies and consultants can quickly provide the benefits of Enermetrix technology to their customers without incurring front-end costs such as license fees or the purchase of new hardware.

To access the Enermetrix Network, companies sign an agreement with Enermetrix and provide required energy procurement information via e-mail. This information is posted to the Enermetrix Network using Enermetrix LLC’s seat on the retail energy exchange. Suppliers will review these buy orders and bid to supply requirements.

The Enermetrix Network is an energy exchange that enables efficient, accessible, confidential and low-cost information sharing and transaction processing between energy buyers and sellers.

“We are responding to the challenges facing retail energy markets recently,” said Mike Pollitt, general manager of Enermetrix. “Many companies would like to use technology and the Enermetrix Network to provide cutting-edge solutions to their customers. However, they do not currently have the scale or resources to utilize all of the power of our technology. By conducting transactions through Enermetrix LLC, these companies can enjoy the benefits of Enermetrix and build their businesses quickly.”

Companies that use Enermetrix LLC will enjoy a number of bottom-line contributing benefits:

* Expanded revenues by offering brokerage services to more customers faster than traditional phone, fax or mail request-for-proposal methods
* Lower operating costs by efficiently processing more transactions with fewer internal resources
* Minimized capital expenditures by leveraging existing technology and outsourced services
* Increased value of their companies to customers by demonstrating an ability to quickly access the retail market, provide price comparisons and contract all via the Internet

Enermetrix LLC is a wholly owned business unit of Enermetrix, a provider of business automation products and services to the retail energy industry. Enermetrix LLC will use Enermetrix technology and the Enermetrix Network to reduce costs and provide better results for companies that procure electricity and natural gas for commercial and industrial consumers. Enermetrix technology streamlines the energy procurement process and provides a cost-effective tool to grow business.

“As these companies expand their client base,” Pollitt said, “they will outgrow the use of Enermetrix LLC. Deployment of our full BuyerMetrix application with its associated branding, customer information management, data storage and reporting capabilities will be more in line with their larger business model. We want to help retail companies succeed in a very difficult market.”

For a limited time, Enermetrix will waive all up-front set-up and monthly service costs associated with the use of Enermetrix LLC.

Enermetrix is a wholly owned subsidiary of CES International, a privately held company headquartered in Alpharetta, Ga. Enermetrix provides software and services to automate retail energy transactions and operates the Enermetrix Network, the world’s leading retail energy exchange transacting over $650 million in retail energy volume in 2001. Enermetrix customers include Alliant, Cinergy, SCANA, TXU, and USource. For more information, visit www.enermetrix.com or contact Mike Pollitt at 770-680-2614.


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