Enermetrix gets energy data

Texas AEP Communications, LLC (AEPC), a provider of energy monitoring and communications services, and Enermetrix.com, an Internet commerce energy exchange, developed an interface to transfer energy information from AEPC`s Datapult Monitoring System into Enermetrix.com`s retail energy exchange. The combined technology is used to collect and monitor real-time energy usage for consumers who post buy-orders for electricity and natural gas on Enermetrix.com`s energy exchange.

“Capturing and monitoring the energy consumption represents an important source of information for energy consumers,” said Peter Thomas, vice president of Maynard, Mass.-based AEP Communications. “By combining Datapult`s data acquisition capability with Enermetrix.com`s energy e-commerce system, we can bring added benefits to Enermetrix.com`s customers helping them to realize the full potential of the exchange.”

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