Enerwise Global Technologies adds enhanced utility allocation product to energy management tools

KENNETT SQUARE, Pa., Aug. 5, 2002 — Enerwise Global Technologies announced recently it has added an enhanced version of its Utility Allocation offering to its suite of products and services.

The value-added service offers tenants and landlords an accurate and defensible means for both measuring tenant and common area energy consumption and allocating costs based on the appropriate utility rate. Utility Allocation combines actual usage data with the applicable utility tariff to enhance accuracy and ensure fairness in landlord-tenant energy billing.

The enhanced version is more quickly deployed than previous releases, which allows both landlords and tenants to achieve economic benefit more swiftly.

To recover the energy costs spent on their properties, landlords must collect information, calculate usage and generate invoices. Enerwise’s Utility Allocation product reduces the administrative burden of this process by reading and recording meter data and later calculating and preparing a file that can be easily integrated into billing systems.

Additionally, Utility Allocation enables property owners to capture and allocate normally absorbed common-area maintenance costs.

Utility Allocation benefits tenants by providing revenue-accurate metering and electronically gathering detailed energy usage information thereby eliminating the potential for billing inaccuracies associated with cost allocation estimates based on energy usage parameters such as square footage.

As a result, tenants can verify that they are billed for only the energy they use at the utility rate for which they qualify.

Finally, both tenants and landlords have access to detailed load profile information that lets them know when energy is being used. This knowledge enables energy management strategies and direct savings for those who implement energy conservation measures.

Steiner + Associates uses Utility Allocation for the management of Easton Town Center, a 1,000,000-square-foot retail complex in Columbus, Ohio. Enerwise allocates electricity, HVAC, and natural gas charges back to all of Easton’s tenants on a monthly basis.

“For the Easton Town Center, we were actively seeking a total solution that could allocate our utility costs in a way that would promote tenant retention,” noted Beau Arnason, Chief Financial Officer for Steiner + Associates. “Enerwise’s Utility Allocation has demonstrated its ability to reduce our administrative costs as well as improve the relationships we have with our more than 130 valued tenants.”

About Enerwise

As a provider of Enterprise Energy Management, Enerwise Global Technologies enables commercial and industrial enterprises to reduce cost and maximize efficiency. Enerwise provides the products and services needed to gain a thorough understanding of energy data and the ability to utilize that information to develop and implement complete energy management strategies.

From its headquarters in Kennett Square, PA, Enerwise provides energy intelligence and managed energy services for domestic and international C & I customers, including more than 100 of the Fortune 500 companies. The company’s Web site is www.enerwise.com.

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