Engaged energy customers like their utilities better

A national survey confirms a widespread belief among energy industry executives and managers: Engagement matters.

Consumers who are more knowledgeable about their electric utility products and services — including smart energy technology — and actively manage their energy usage, have a stronger and more positive relationship with their utilities than consumers who do not, according to results of the latest Market Strategies International E2 (Energy + Environment) Study.

Conducted twice annually, the national survey captures Americans’ attitudes and opinions about the issues that arise where energy and the environment intersect. The latest wave of E2 research was designed to establish an E2 Engagement Index based on measures that reflect how knowledgeable, involved and active consumers are in:

·         Managing their energy usage.

·         Understanding and using smart grid and smart meter technology.

·         Taking advantage of utility programs and services.

The study also found, however, that nearly two-thirds of consumers show little evidence of engagement with their utilities and energy management, which means there is opportunity for utilities to increase engagement and boost their customer satisfaction levels.


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