EnvoyWorldWide supplies curtailment notification solution to Alliant

BEDFORD, MASS. – April 17, 2002 – EnvoyWorldWide, a provider of real-time notification services to wired and wireless devices, announced today that Alliant Energy’s utility subsidiaries have implemented its EnvoyProfiles notification service to communicate to its electric interruptible tariff customers. The service is being used to reach Alliant Energy’s industrial customers throughout the Midwest.

Through its Electrical Interrupt Program, Alliant Energy’s large utility customers on this tariff receive reduced rates throughout the year in exchange for agreeing to curtail energy use in periods of high electricity demand. Alliant Energy needs to communicate quickly to its customers when curtailments are needed.

Prior to implementing EnvoyProfiles, the company utilized four to six members of its sales systems support group along with proprietary light panel technology to alert customers to imminent interruptions. The process of notifying customers took approximately one hour, and offered no guarantee that they were being reached in a time frame to affect change and alleviate unnecessary fines. Because of the urgent nature of the communications, Alliant Energy chose EnvoyWorldWide to automate the curtailment notification process. The cycle collapsed to five minutes, and sales system support personnel are now able to remain focused on core competencies. The service simultaneously aids Alliant Energy in building customer loyalty by enabling customers to be contacted on any device of their choice or multiple devices, allowing them to maintain normal workday routines and be more productive.

“EnvoyProfiles is providing multiple benefits to our customers, and subsequently to our organization – from increased productivity to a reduced notification cycle,” said Michael Nutt, manager of the sales systems support group at Alliant Energy. “In addition to the operational efficiencies we’ve gained, the implementation process has been smooth and painless due to EnvoyWorldWide’s professional services team and the ability for EnvoyProfiles to link with our existing CRM system to extract customer data.”

“The addition of Alliant Energy to our extensive utility customer base confirms once again the added value our services bring to the industry, from customer service to marketing functions,” said Ben Levitan, president and CEO, EnvoyWorldWide. “Our ability to leverage legacy systems to drive highly advanced communications technology is well-suited to corporations with complex technology infrastructures and time-sensitive communications needs, such as those in the utilities industry.”

Designed to solve the challenge of delivering time-sensitive information to disparate and mobile constituents, EnvoyWorldWide’s real-time notification services enable organizations to automate business-critical outbound communications, alleviating pressure on internal and outsourced call centers. Messages are delivered via the wired or wireless communications method each recipient prefers — phone, fax, email, pager, SMS, WAP, or other wireless device. Every message can be tracked from creation through delivery with the ability to solicit feedback from customers in real-time.

About EnvoyWorldWide

EnvoyWorldWide provides real-time notification services to wired and wireless devices. companies worldwide are using EnvoyWorldWide’s real-time message delivery solutions to improve their bottom lines by cutting operating costs, boosting productivity and revenue, and better cultivating customer and partner loyalty. The company’s services facilitate automated, fully interactive voice and text communications to landline phones, faxes, email, pagers, SMS and WAP phones, PDAs and other wireless devices. Funded by Battery Ventures, Sofinnova Partners and Longworth Ventures, EnvoyWorldWide is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts and offers its services to more than 65 customers. More information on EnvoyWorldWide can be found by calling 888.252.7837 or at www.envoyww.com.

About Alliant Energy

Alliant Energy Corporation (NYSE:LNT), headquartered in Madison, Wis., is a growing energy-services provider with operations both domestically and internationally. Alliant Energy, through its subsidiaries and partners, provides electric, natural gas, water and steam services to over three million customers worldwide.

The company’s two Midwest utility subsidiaries, Interstate Power and Light and Wisconsin Power and Light provide customers with electric, natural gas and water utility service. Alliant Energy Resources, Inc., home of the company’s non-utility businesses, has operations and investments throughout the United States as well as in Australia, Brazil, China and New Zealand.

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