EPRI Creates Year 2000 Clearinghouse

EPRI Creates Year 2000 Clearinghouse

EPRI has launched a Year 2000 project for sharing information about the technical issues involved in responding to the Year 2000 challenge for embedded computer systems.

A number of fixes are under way to address the problem in software. Until now, less attention has been given to the problem in “embedded software”–that is, the microcode, firmware, and real-time operating systems in industrial processes, including the power industry.

To more efficiently address the problem in the industry, a number of power companies have asked EPRI to act as the focal point in leading a program to consolidate industry information. Participants in the project will be able to maximize the value of their in-house resources by minimizing duplicate efforts, taking advantage of the positive and negative lessons learned by other participants, and easing the burden on dozens of vendors attempting to respond to several hundred utility and other customer requests for similar information.

EPRI will not be able to develop specific solutions for application in the industry. Instead, the EPRI program is designed to support, but not replace, the participant`s internal Year 2000 compliance efforts.

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