EPRI Helps Utilities Go Wireless

EPRI Helps Utilities Go Wireless

Developments in wireless technologies, such as mobile phones and radios, personal digital assistants and laptop computers with wireless modems, promise electric utilities customer service capabilities that are hard to ignore in this newly competitive industry. But the wireless technology industry is young and changing fast because of complex technical, regulatory and business issues. For this reason the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has established the Wireless Solutions Office (WSO).

EPRI established WSO to help utilities make informed decisions about wireless technologies, products and markets. EPRI`s research will focus on four key areas: using wireless for value-added services inside and beyond historical service territory; build vs. lease options; assessment of technical developments, standards, vendors and products to reduce risk of technical obsolescence; and applicability and potential of low earth orbiting satellites.

Participants in WSO will gain from the insights and judgments of two prior years of research. This includes a comprehensive model for development of a strategic business plan for entry into the personal communications services (PCS) arena. “This report looks at PCS as a source of startup business opportunities, as well as a vehicle for delivering new types of services to utility customers,” said Ron Skelton, program manager.

For more information on WSO, contact Karyn Plank at (415) 949-9886 or kplank@paloalto.gif>pri.com (e-mail).

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