EPRI program gathers data

With regard to your article on EPA`s mercury directive for coal-fired power plants (February issue), your readers might be interested to know that EPRI has set up a program to help power plants gather accurate data.

EPRI`s program has prepared guide-lines on good coal sampling practices and on various sample preparation and analytical techniques labs are currently using to quantify mercury and chlorine in coal. EPRI`s current push is a round- robin study to assess performance of various laboratories and different analytical methods they employ.

The round-robin study will consist of two testing phases. The first phase-to screen various laboratories-has already begun. In the second, each lab will perform multiple analyses on about eight coal samples. In addition, EPRI coal samples will be made available to Mercury ICR participants for use in auditing their chosen labs` performance.

For those plants selected by EPA for stack testing, EPRI has developed a “generic” test plan which can be tailored by the plant operator for site-specific factors before submission to EPA. Developing accurate data during this study is important to all coal-fired plants because of the regulatory implications. EPRI is therefore opening up participation to nonmembers, consultants, and other interested parties. For more information on EPRI`s Mercury ICR project, please have your readers contact me.

Paul Chu

Project Manager




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