EPRI reliability initiative provides tools to help utilities avoid power outages

Because of this success, a follow-on program is planned for 2001. That௿½s good news for high tech firms in California௿½s Silicon Valley where the cost of such outages can run up to $1 million per minute.

Jan. 10, 2001–It௿½s becoming more and more difficult to restrain the overflow from California௿½s nasty energy mess. The residual fallout from these months of screaming media lip service and chaotic quick fixes is only now beginning to be felt. While headlines still trumpet political agendas from Gov. Gray Davis as well as a rotating round of state representatives and senators–and while even more high energy bills (months after the supposedly heat-induced problems of this summer) rack up on the collective meter–actions even more far-reaching are being set into motion behind the scenes.

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