EPRI selects Apogee Interactive for e-learning pilot

ATLANTA, Ga., Jan. 7, 2002 – The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), a global science and technology research consortium, has selected Apogee Interactive Inc. to provide the online courses for an e-learning pilot currently underway through its Power Quality University.

In a departure from its traditional reliance on a mix of classroom and laboratory training, EPRI is piloting distance learning to electric utility engineers in three major technical areas – power quality, lighting, and motors and drives – through its Power Quality University. “Because of the technical nature of these courses, they lend themselves well to online instruction,” said Marsha Grossman, EPRI’s project manager for this special training unit.

“With today’s tighter training and travel budgets, e-learning also enables us to continue to provide quality training opportunities for our members worldwide,” she added. EPRI serves more than 1,000 energy organizations around the globe.

Apogee pioneered distance technical training for the utility industry back in 1994 with interactive CD-I and CD-Rom-format courses. Producing an unparalleled library of nearly two dozen energy-related technical classes, Apogee migrated to Web-based course offerings in 1996 and has continued to enhance and enlarge its course selections ever since.

“We’ve helped train employees in virtually every major investor-owned utility in the country and now we’ve expanded our services to provide not only Web-based training but other Internet content resources to the industry’s associations, IOUs, cooperatives and municipal utilities,” said Susan Gilbert, president of Apogee.

Apogee’s depth of experience with electric utilities and knowledge of technical, energy-related subjects were key factors for EPRI in selecting an e-learning partner. Apogee’s staff possesses more than 200 combined years of energy, engineering and training experience. “We needed someone who could translate often complex technical information into a format that would engage and hold the interest of the student,” said Grossman.

Each of Apogee’s courses feature media-rich content plus quizzes at key intervals to maintain the student’s focus and highlight important points. The courses also contain instantaneously graded pre-tests to establish the student’s knowledge baseline and post-tests to measure learning progress. Companies can also elect to have Apogee’s Learning Management System that tracks student enrollment, activity and course completion. Apogee’s research to date shows that 75 percent of students rank Internet-based training in the top three of all options presented for learning.

Along with a full line-up of courses available through its Study-Center division at www.study-center.com, Apogee also performs custom course development and the conversion of existing instructor-led classes to Web-based formats. The company (www.apogee.net) also offers a variety of other Internet and software solutions including The Demand Exchange®, the largest demand response aggregation system and Internet trading platform in the US.

EPRI is global energy research consortium dedicated to providing science and technology-based solutions through a far-reaching program of scientific research, technology development, product implementation and training. ( http://www.epri.com)

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