Escalating Strain on Energy Markets Threatens Ohio Consumers and Businesses

Throughout the past several months, the news media in Ohio and across the country have reported how higher energy costs are having a negative effect on consumers and businesses. This summer, many working families have cancelled vacation plans because of high gasoline prices. In some cases, the high cost of available electricity has prompted large industrial facilities to limit production and lay off workers.

CHATSWORTH, Calif.–Capstone Turbine Corp. and Japan Steel Works have begun development of a heat-exchange system that will utilize hot exhaust from the Capstone Micro Turbine power system to generate frigid air for commercial freezing and refrigerating uses. The co-developed system will employ Japan Steel Works’ metal hydride absorption technology to achieve supply-air temperatures as low as 14 F. Using exhaust heat from the microturbine in this manner will dramatically increase system efficiency by reducing or eliminating energy costs for refrigeration.


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