ESPs May Find Gold in Healthcare Markets

According to new research, energy service providers (ESPs) may find alternative revenue in the healthcare market. A new Frost & Sullivan study, “Bundled Energy Services in the U.S. Healthcare Markets,” states that approximately 70 percent of healthcare industry participants currently purchase energy and related services from multiple providers. Budget-restricted facility mangers in the industry may be receptive to bundled energy solutions, according to research.

Opportunities explored in the study include demand-side management programs, distribution services, network meter reading, and telecom services. Frost & Sullivan predicts that in the future healthcare organizations will be open to services such as real-time energy usage monitoring, bill consolidation and complete solutions offered by multi-state energy service companies. According to study analysts, the biggest challenge for service providers may be educating healthcare industry facility managers, many of whom may be confused about emission regulations, power quality, metering procedures and standards issues-which may signal a boon for energy consultants as well.


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