Excel becomes a certified meter data service provider in the state of New York

TULSA, Okla., Sept. 18, 2001 – Excel Energy Technologies, Ltd. announces it has been granted Provisional Certification to act as a Meter Data Service Provider (MDSP) in the State of New York.

The certification evidences that Excel is in compliance with the requirements of the New York Practices and Procedures for the Provision of Electric Metering in a Competitive Environment. Such certification allows Excel to participate fully in load curtailment and other related energy management projects throughout the state and is effective immediately.

Excel provides affordable, automated, Internet-active energy optimization system/service to commercial and industrial customers. This fully integrated ExcelSyusà¢â€ž- technology incorporates built-in intelligence and requires no complex engineering or software adaptations in order to achieve its full spectrum of capabilities.

A significant ExcelSyusà¢â€ž- feature is the capability to receive and automatically react to load curtailment alerts initiated by energy providers. Since Excel maintains 24/7 communications with every ExcelSyusà¢â€ž- in service, an energy provider can broadcast a load curtailment alert to all ExcelSyusà¢â€ž- systems within an affected service area using the wireless pager communications backbone. ExcelSyusà¢â€ž- reacts automatically to reduce customer consumption during alert periods by implementing pre-defined load curtailment strategies. This automated, staged-control process limits peak usage unless overridden by the customer.

A recent Excel development is the wireless “Listener” data logging system that easily connects to any Internet-active PC or telephony modem. The “Listener” receives and logs data and status information from up to 90 temperature sensors, light sensors, pulse totalizers (meters), repeaters, etc. It can also send operational commands to devices (e.g. wireless relays) through ExcelSyusà¢â€ž- systems for control purposes. Collected data is time- stamped and logged when received. This logged meter and operational information is then sent via Internet or modem to Excel web servers. Data is available to customers over the Internet (including Palmà¢â€ž- VII series handhelds), password protected, in as little as a one-minute turnaround time interval.

Excel is a privately held company with a strong energy heritage. For further information visit Excel’s web site www.excel-energy.com or contact Ray Neel, Director of Business Development at (918) 585-5000 x30.

SOURCE: Excel Energy Technologies, Ltd.

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