Excelergy CEO William Mahoney joins National Energy Marketers’ executive committee

WASHINGTON, DC and LEXINGTON, Mass., Oct. 3, 2001 — Excelergy Corporation announced today its chief executive officer, William Mahoney, will represent Excelergy on the Executive Committee of the Washington, DC-based National Energy Marketers Association (NEM).

“We are very pleased to add the industry knowledge and proven thought leadership of Excelergy and CEO William Mahoney to the NEM Executive Committee,” said Craig G. Goodman, president of the National Energy Marketers Association. “Excelergy has long been a pioneer in using XML as an enabling technology in the restructuring of our wholesale and retail energy markets. Combined with its experience at the forefront of the various state Implementation Working Groups, and now with their technology leadership in open co-action software products, Excelergy will be a tremendous addition to our ongoing efforts to restructure our nation’s electricity and natural gas markets to achieve our goals.”

NEM brings together the nation’s top energy marketing, service and technology firms to work with regulators and other stakeholders to devise fair and effective ways to implement laws, regulations, standards of conduct, rates, tariffs and operating procedures. The committee’s primary goal is to provide all energy consumers meaningful choice through the promotion of open, efficient, liquid and price-competitive energy markets and the implementation of new and innovative energy services and technologies.

“For years, NEM has taken the lead in promoting innovative technologies and open standards in the competitive energy and utility market, and we’re happy to lend our experience and expertise to help them deliver the benefits of restructuring and competition to energy users nationwide,” said Excelergy’s Mahoney. “Excelergy likewise will benefit from the broad and deep experience of this distinguished executive committee.”

Clem Palevich, president of California-based AES/NewEnergy, serves as chair of the NEM Executive Committee, with Bob Dickerman, president of Sempra Energy Solutions, serving as vice chair. Also participating as committee members are executives from Amerada Hess, Duke Energy, Entergy-Koch Trading, Aquila Energy, TECO Power Services, Peoples Energy Services, Keyspan Energy Services, MidAmerica, Mirant, Exelon, Ontario Power Generation, Nicor Energy, Green Mountain Energy, Prebon Energy, CMS Marketing and Trading, Agway Energy and Trigen, among others.

About National Energy Marketers Association

The National Energy Marketers Association (NEM) is a national, non-profit trade association representing both wholesale and retail marketers of energy and energy-related services and technologies throughout the United States. NEM’s membership includes small regional marketers, large traditional international suppliers of wholesale and retail energy (including wind and solar power), billing and metering firms, Internet energy providers, energy-related software product developers, risk managers, energy brokerage firms, information technology providers and manufacturers and suppliers of advanced distributed generation.

About Excelergy

Excelergy is the world’s first provider of open co-action software products – putting “action” at the heart of “collaboration” – to meet restructuring market needs worldwide. Excelergy delivers open co-action through its three core product lines: Excelergy eXACT® for inter-company collaboration, the Excelergy Advanced Business Packageâ„- for intra-company business process management, and Excelergy Energy Tradingâ„- for straight-through processing of wholesale energy business processes.

These products are based on an open, object-based, Web-architected, native XML technology platform. Excelergy’s North American headquarters are located in Lexington, MA, with its European headquarters in Bristol, England and its Asia-Pacific operations based in Melbourne, Australia. More information is available at www.excelergy.com.

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