Excel’s energy optimization system implements peak demand control measures

Excel’s energy optimization technology, ExcelSyusà¢â€ž-, was initially developed, under a joint effort with Central and South West Corporation (now part of American Electric Power). ExcelSyusà¢â€ž- is designed to function in regulated and deregulated real-time energy commodity pricing environments. A significant built-in feature is the capability for ExcelSyusà¢â€ž- to receive and automatically react to energy peaking alerts initiated by energy providers. Excel maintains 24/7 communications with every ExcelSyusà¢â€ž- in service. When an energy provider issues an alert that energy demand peaking is imminent, either the energy provider, or Excel, can broadcast this alert to all ExcelSyusà¢â€ž- systems within the affected service area. ExcelSyusà¢â€ž- reacts automatically to reduce customer consumption during these periods.

CLEVELAND, March 14 /PRNewswire/ – Innovative Organizational Systems (IOS), announces the launch of its premier web application for the electric utility industry, RSS-Relay Setting System. RSS is a database system used to maintain all aspects of relay information.

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