Exclusive C Three Equity Index

27 Companies in Positive Territory for 2009

The C Three Less Regulated Gas Index is the only one of C Three’s indices that is finally in positive territory for year-to-date. It is up 10 percent since Jan. 1. For May, merchant energy continued on a strong rebound with five of the top 10 movers being in this category.

The More Regulated Groups Not Recovering

Components of the Regulated Electric and the Regulated Electric and Gas Combo Index are the only groups showing no improvement. Southern, Integrys, Ameren, Central Vermont, El Paso Electric, PEPCO and UIL represent seven of the bottom 10 worst performers. Seeing Southern Co. in the bottom 10 in stock performance is a change. It has been considered as a rock-steady, widows-and-orphans investment for decades.

27 Companies in Positive Territory for 2009

The Less Regulated Gas Index is showing the steepest climb of any the C Three indices. It has been historically the perennial best performer. After a horrific February, there have been three months of strongly positive results.

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