Exstream Software announces availability of AFP Batch Compare

Lexington, KY, Mar. 22, 2006 — Exstream Software Inc. announced the general availability of its AFP Batch Compare software. AFP Batch Compare is designed to allow users to compare advanced function presentation (AFP) rendered files for more accurate comparison of large print files prior to running production processes.

This capability is expected to eliminate the need for manual comparison thereby reducing errors and improving document accuracy down to a single printer element (PEL). Additionally, AFP Batch Compare supports regression and software upgrade testing by providing a mechanism for determining whether or not unexpected changes have occurred anywhere in the print file. The ability to automatically run batch comparison of two large AFP print files allows users to test the impact of software or system upgrades on production applications.

Key features of AFP Batch Compare include:

* Ability to run batch comparison program in the background;

* Ability to compare the bitmap of any two rendered AFP documents;

* Ability to run multiple unique comparisons to streamline regression testing processes;

* Ability to import comparison reports into AFP Compare for viewing differences.

“AFP Batch Compare is designed for AFP files that are too large for an effective manual compare process,” said Michael Kaminski, product manager at Exstream.

AFP Batch Compare is available from Exstream as a stand-alone product or as an optional module in the company’s Dialogue enterprise personalization software.


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