FAME releases next generation web-based application to track energy market data

NEW YORK, Sept. 17, 2002 — FAME Information Services Inc. recently announced the launch of energySCOPE 5.0, the latest version of FAME’s Internet-enabled charting software. This updated software solution is a Java®-based graphing and reporting tool, which enables users to access energy market data from a central FAME Energy database across Web pages, intranets, and extranets.

“EnergySCOPE is FAME’s next generation of decision support solutions,” said Neil Edelstein, FAME’s senior vice president of global sales, marketing, product and account management. “The rapidly expanding power markets, in the U.S. and Europe, are increasing the need for accurate and timely data. Designed for traders, analysts, and risk managers in the energy market, energySCOPE provides them with consistently updated energy data along with increased charting functionality to provide customized analysis.”

Linked to FAME’s energy database, energySCOPE provides access to more than 50 data sources worldwide. It can also be linked to other FAME databases or internal databases.

Utilizing the energy market knowledge gained from their analytical tool, PAWS, FAME was able to enhance its charting tool with new capabilities, including hourly and half-hourly data from European Exchanges, such as LPX and UKPX, as well as U.S. ISOs. It includes a Microsoft Excel add-in for custom spreadsheet analysis and a new heat-rate calculator for easy comparisons between fuel prices.

FAME’s energySCOPE also offers new graphing functionalities, including the ability to add user-defined trend lines and notes on a chart, multiple moving average calculations, historical volatility, and forward curve analysis. It can handle non-numeric data, including strings and dates. Users can define their own “functors” that can be used to create their own formulas. Other enhancements in the formula module allow for nested formulas, leading or lagging prices, and forcing futures and other forward trading contracts to roll based on other contracts or specific dates.

“Along with the expanded analysis capabilities, we wanted to offer a new level of accessibility,” said Domenic Iannaccone, FAME’s senior vice president of software development. “Since energySCOPE was developed entirely in Java program language, it can be downloaded directly from a Web page, and accessed from home, on the road, or from remote offices.”

A free demo copy of energySCOPE 5.0 is available at www.fame.com. The application is supported running Windows 98 and higher, and the Microsoft Excel add-in is supported in Office 97 and higher.

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