Finnish federation publishes guide to corporate social responsibility

Sept. 20, 2002 — Finnish Energy Industries Federation FINERGY has published “Corporate social responsibility of the energy industry, Guide to Businesses” in English.

The guide is available on FINERGY’s English web site in PDF format (20 pages). See the web address at the bottom of this article.

FINERGY, a consortium of energy companies that are based in Finland, defines corporate social responsibility as the implementation of sustainable development and investing in future operating conditions.

The three dimensions of sustainable development — economy, environment and people — and the related responsibilities need to be in balance, the association asserted.

Social responsibility is about active responsibility based on a company’s own starting points, involving contribution to providing for social welfare and a responsible approach to the environment and stakeholders, and it also serves as a competitive advantage influencing the reputation of the company, FINERGY said.

Energy companies are now being scrutinized for signs of corruption or misconduct. It might be a good time for energy companies to recognize their significance as permanent parts of their surrounding societies so they can safeguard their operating conditions, the report said.

Readers interested in viewing the guide can click the words “Corporate social responsibility of the energy industry” on our English web site

A printed edition is also available.

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