First Gas-Only Utility to Deploy Wireless Fixed Network AMR in North America

In this 15-year contract, Schlumberger will provide data management services to Kansas Gas Service through its CellNet fixed network communication technology. Kansas Gas Service will take advantage of services such as collection and validation of metering data, data warehousing and usage profile generation. This solution package will further enable Kansas Gas Service to enhance its customer service to gas users in this area by increasing efficiency in meter reading and data processing.

NORRISTOWN, Pa.–The Board of Managers of PJM Interconnection L.L.C., at its August 1, 2000 meeting, approved the final group of elements in the first coordinated regional transmission expansion plan developed under the PJM Independent System Operator (ISO) structure. The approval completes the process, giving the go-ahead to the transmission facilities required to interconnect over 40 new generating resources to the grid. These new generation projects represent over 15,000 MW of new capacity for the region, proposed to be in service between 2000 and 2005. This additional capacity will help to ensure the reliability of the region while at the same time increasing the robustness of the competitive markets in PJM.


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