Five Weeks of Training is the First Step in Helping to Maintain Safe, Reliable Electricity Service

“This is all about planning for the future. Having well trained, skilled and safety-conscious people working on our electricity delivery system, often in terrible weather, is critical to maintaining reliable service for our customers,” said Ralph Tedesco, NYSEG senior vice president-customer service business unit. “These people’s efforts, in concert with our nationally recognized call center and dedicated team of support people, enable us to provide superior customer service and ensure safe, reliable electricity delivery to 825,000 customers across more than 40 percent of upstate New York. These new additions to our energy delivery team will help us maintain those high standards.”

TULSA, OK-PennWell Corp. has acquired the American Power Conference from Chicago’s Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). In partnership with IIT’s educational programs and sponsorship, the acquisition effectively combines the American Power Conference’s 62-year history of providing a forum for information exchange in the power industry with PennWell’s industry-leading event management. Electric Light and Power, the electric industry’s leading magazine for 78 years, will present the American Power Conference.

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