Force Inc. Introduces the next generation L-Band satellite intra-facility link

CHRISTIANBURG, Va., Oct. 8, 2004 — Force, Incorporated introduces two new low cost members of its L-Band optical transport line, Model 3029 and Model 3034 L-Band Satellite IFL Transmitters for short distance applications up to 2 km. Force’s L-Band Satellite Transport Links are ideal for Antenna to Control room or Intra-facility Links (IFL). Model 3029 is a 1310 nm 50 Ohm product designed to operate with the 3030 Receiver; while the Model 3034 is a 1310 nm 75 Ohm product designed to work with the 3035 Receiver. Based on the popular 3000 series RF / Optics System design, both models are user-friendly basic transport systems packaged to fit Force’s 3RU rack chassis for a cost-effective, high performance L-Band transport link. Stand-alone transmitter/receiver configurations are also available.

3029 and 3034 Products are the lowest cost transmitters in the 3000 Series Satellite RF / Optics System

3029 and 3034 transmitters are to be used with models 3030 and 3035 receivers. Both receivers incorporate manual gain control (MGC) on front panel, which allows the user to optimize the RF gain for superior performance. The links transport in the frequency range of 850-2500 MHz over one single-mode optical fiber for distances up to 2 km. “Optical Present” and “Power” indicator LEDs on the front panels allow for a quick assessment of the link’s operational status. In the 3RU configuration, the Model 3000 chassis will accommodate eight transmitters and/or receivers as well as redundant power supplies to ensure system reliability. The Model 3029/3030 and Model 3034/3035 offers one of the lowest cost high performance RF / Optics Links available today.

About Force

Force, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of fiber optic transport equipment for a variety of private and public network applications. Force’s core competence focuses on optical transport of video, audio and data. Product solutions include Satellite L-Band and IF, Wireless and Mobile Communications, Digital Broadcast for Networks and Cable Service Providers and CATV video distribution for Private Networks and Educational Distance Learning applications.

Force additionally offers optical transport for control instrumentation, security and surveillance. Force is continually developing new products and strives to incorporate the latest technology into its offering. Our goal is to provide our customers the best performance for the lowest possible cost.

Call Force, Incorporated at 800-732-5252 to learn more about our new 3029 and 3034 L-Band Satellite Transmitters or visit us on the web at

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