FriedWire successfully integrates all northeast power markets in one online system

BOULDER, Colo., April 11, 2002 — FriedWire, Inc. announced Wednesday the successful integration of PJM’s recent market expansion into its PowerSURGE product.

PowerSURGE now tracks nearly 3,500 LMP price points in the Northeast and a diverse array of fundamental power market information necessary to transact quickly and profitably in the New York, New England, PJM and PJM West markets.

“PowerSURGE gives everyone access to market monitoring tools that previously only the very largest energy companies could afford. It effectively levels the playing field,” notes Bill Townsend, President of FriedWire.

PowerSURGE integrates real-time and historical data within one online interface that energy professionals use to evaluate current market conditions and correlate them to past events. The system generates ‘transaction signals’ that trading professionals use to make better-informed decisions and keep on top of the market.

To learn more about PowerSURGE and get a 10-day product trial, visit: .

FriedWire, Inc. provides market information to more than 35 energy marketing and trading companies. The company’s mission is to marry analytical expertise and knowledge of energy fundamentals with software technologies to create decision-support tools for energy traders and analysts.

FriedWire, Inc. is an energy information and analysis company based in Boulder, CO. For more information visit: .


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