GarrettCom releases new PoE ports

Fremont, CA, April 19, 2006 — GarrettCom Inc. has integrated power over Ethernet (PoE) ports into its line of Magnum 6K Series Managed Ethernet Switches to provide a solution to supporting PoE appliances such as video surveillance cameras in power utility substations and other industrial applications where security or remote access to an industrial network is required.

GarrettCom’s expanded PoE offerings include a series of PoE Port Modules, incorporating 4 to 8 PoE ports, which can be configured in any 6K switch.

GarrettCom offers a line of heavy-duty PoE Power-Sourcing switches, ranging from small 4-port switches to rugged 32-port managed switches with Gb backbones. The new PoE port modules for 6K switches come in 35 different port configurations to address a wide variety of application needs. Modules are factory-configured, and the company is offering upgrades for existing 6K switches. The Magnum 6K Series of managed Ethernet switches includes up to 32 ports of configurable Ethernet connectivity ranging from 10 Mb copper to 1 Gb fiber backbones in a single switch, as well as sophisticated managed networks software featuring security, redundancy and performance.

PoE combines data and power on the same copper cabling. Industrial control systems are using PoE to get Ethernet benefits such as interoperability across multiple vendors, high bandwidth, topological flexibility, and optional redundancy, in conjunction with the single-media data and power transmission formerly offered only by field buses. The growing list of PoE devices available for industrial systems now includes video cameras, rugged VOIP phones, wireless access units, annunciators, data loggers, and sensors.

PoE modules are available in two formats: pass-through and power inside. The 48VDC Power Pass-Through modules, with up to 8 PoE ports, can be configured in 6K-Series switches with 48VDC power. Magnum 6K-Series switches with AC or 125VDC power require a Power Inside power supply that can support up to 4 PoE ports.

Each PoE-enabled RJ-45 port can drive 802.3af-compliant PDs as well as deliver 10/100 Mb data transmission over the same twisted-pair cable. The PoE modules have an auto-sensing algorithm that cuts off power when 802.3af-compliant devices are not attached. Proprietary PoE and non-PoE equipment are not recognized, which protects them from possible electrical damage. GarrettCom’s Magnum PoE Port Modules support the power over Ethernet PSE standard for over-current protection, under-current detection, and fault protection.

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