GE completes acquisition of Smallworldwide plc

The acquisition of Smallworld increases GE’s presence as a provider of high-tech software solutions in the utility and public systems industries, while establishing a strategic position in the growing communications industry. Smallworld will operate as GE Smallworld and be a part of the GE Energy management Services, a GE Power Systems business unit. GE Smallworld is recognized for its spatial data software and applications for asset, outage, and work management systems with over 750 utility customers around the world. In addition, GE Smallworld has proven the versatility and strength of its spatial technology and software through rapid product expansion and addition of 120 customers in the telecommunications, broadband and Internet industries.

HOUSTON, Sept. 30, 2000 (The Times-News)–Natural gas producer and energy and electricity marketer BP announced the completion of the purchase from Intermountain Industries Inc. of IGI Resources Inc., which serves energy customers in northwestern North America.


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