GE Energy announces new analysis tool

Atlanta, GA, Dec. 27, 2005 — Utilities that are seeking support for network analysis within the plan/design/build phase of the asset management process have a new option to consider. GE Energy has announced the availability of its Smallworld Analysis and Optimization 4 (A&O) product for the electric utility design market.

GE says the product allows users to take advantage of advanced analysis algorithms without having to become experts in the field.

An addition to GE Energy’s Smallworld Engineering Management product line, GE says the A&O employs power flow analysis algorithms that are embedded as “engines” in Smallworld Core Spatial Technology, providing analysis and optimization tools to any organization managing electric networks using the Smallworld application.

With A&O, GE claims users can perform secondary network analysis and optimization for conductor and transformer sizing based on short-circuit, flicker and voltage drop, as well as check for overloads and voltage drop problems. Any number of customer and special loads can be placed at demand points before the services are actually available, giving the designer the capability to accurately model the load on the future network, said GE.

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