GE upgrades power module for higher output in oil and gas applications

Las Vegas, NV, Dec. 12, 2005 — GE’s oil and gas business has developed a two-stage, high-speed power turbine module to be coupled with the enhanced LM2500+G4 gas generator recently introduced by GE Energy’s aeroderivative business.

The new oil and gas product, named the PGT25+G4, will be available for shipment in late 2006, GE reported at the ASME Gas Turbine Users Symposium. An upgrade of GE’s PGT25+ technology, it is specifically designed for applications across the oil and gas industry including large pipelines and onshore/ offshore production facilities.

The two-stage turbine module is designed to achieve efficiencies greater than 40%, the highest thermal efficiency level available in this power range. Operating at a speed of 6100 rpm, the power turbine is capable of directly driving a compressor without the need of a gear in most oil and gas applications.

At ISO conditions, the PGT25+G4 offers an output of 34 megawatts, a 10% increase over the existing PGT25+. It also offers a significant increase in power output at high ambient temperatures; for example, at 120° F, the power increase is 20%.

The package design and footprint for the new machine is the same as the present PGT25+, with one significant change. In the dry low emissions (DLE) version, the fuel gas control features five valves instead of three, enabling more accurate combustion tuning.

Similar to the PGT25+, the new machine offers the flexibility to operate on a range of fuels including natural gas, various gas mixtures, and liquid fuel.

The PGT25+G4 program, conducted at GE’s oil and gas facilities in Florence and Massa, Italy, has included the development and validation of the gas turbine subassembly (the core plus the high-speed power turbine), inlet and exhaust systems, and engine control system.

As part of the new product offering, GE’s oil and gas business will provide a technical services package including customizations to meet specific customer requirements and installation services for difficult environments such as offshore platforms.

The LM2500+G4, introduced in September, is an upgraded version of the LM2500+, designed with greater power capabilities.

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