Grand Haven Board of Light & Power to participate in NOx demonstration

October 5, 2001 – Grand Haven Board of Light & Power based in Grand Haven, MI., USA and Corus Consulting & Technical Services based in IJmuiden, The Netherlands jointly announce that an Agreement has been signed between them to demonstrate a new, innovative and low cost flue gas denitrification technology at unit 3 of the J.B Sims generating station in Grand Haven, Michigan.

In general, the total savings on investment for a full scale industrial BioDeNOx process are expected to be at least 80% compared to the SCR process and in some cases even 90%. Current cost levels for the 70 MW coal-fired power plant at J.B. Sims generating station are well below 1,000 USD per ton removed NOx.

The Biotechnological Denitrification technology (BioDeNOx) is a patented process that will be incorporated in an existing Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) scrubber in order to create simultaneous removal of SO2 and NOx from the flue gases. The captured nitrogen compounds are converted into harmless Nitrogen gas (N2) by using a bio-catalyst that will be added to the scrubber liquid.

The BioDeNOx technology is based on the proven addition of chelates to enhance removal of the insoluble nitrogen oxide (NO) gas. The addition of a bio-catalyst leads to conversion of NOx and full regeneration of chelate so that it can be used again in the scrubber recirculation. With this technology high removal efficiencies of NOx can be achieved. The removal level of SO2 will not be affected and in most cases even improve.

The implementation of the BioDeNOx technology will require about a 3 months preparation time so that the actual demonstration can commence by mid December this year. The technology will continue to be demonstrated until April of 2002. Corus Consulting & Technical Services has successfully operated a pilot plant facility for a 9 months period during which the combined SO2 and NOx removal process was demonstrated.

Grand Haven Board of Light & Power is an independent, publicly owned utility in the city of Grand Haven, Michigan. It owns and operates one 70 MW power-generating unit at J.B. Sims station. Grand Haven Board of Light & Power has always been progressive in their developments in the interest of the public.

This project is a next step in its commitment to further reduce emissions to the air from its coal-fired operation. Corus Consulting & Technical Services is a full subsidiary of the international metal producer Corus (

Its products and technological developments are backed by more than 20 years of experience in FGD and DeNOx projects. The environmental arm of Corus Consulting & Technical Services is headquartered in IJmuiden, The Netherlands and has operations in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.


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