Green Mountain Energy Co. research leads to new Reliable Rate Plan for Texas electric customers

AUSTIN, Texas, July 23, 2002 — Green Mountain Energy Company announced recently that as a result of customer demand, it is now signing up customers for its new contract-based Reliable Rate Plan.

The company will also begin an aggressive marketing campaign this week targeting customers who want to lock in the per kilowatt hour (kWh) rate they pay for electricity.

Under the Green Mountain EnergySM Reliable Rate Plan, with a one-year service contract Texas customers will be able to lock in a per kilowatt-hour electric rate for 12 months.

These customers will not be subject to price fluctuations and uncertainty. The company will continue to offer its standard pricing plan in addition to this new plan. Both plans feature Green Mountain Energy electricity, which in Texas is currently 100 percent pollution-free wind power.

“Extensive research has shown us that consumers are very eager to have price certainty when it comes to their electric rates. It is this demand that has led us to our new Reliable Rate Plan and marketing campaign,” said Gillan Taddune, Texas region president for Green Mountain Energy Company.

When surveyed in a proprietary Green Mountain Energy Company research study, over 80 percent of consumers in a deregulated market indicated that having a contract that guarantees rates was either “Absolutely Critical” or “Very Desirable” when selecting a new supplier. Texas customers indicated that they are more likely to sign up if rates are guaranteed — even if those rates are higher.

“Electric competition means that customers have choices. We are here to let Texans know that by simply switching to the Reliable Rate Plan they can feel confident knowing that they will not be subject to market changes in the form of per kilowatt-hour rate hikes for at least the next twelve months,” continued Ms. Taddune.

The company’s newest marketing campaign will include radio and television advertising, and direct mail targeting TXU, Reliant, TNMP, and CP&L customers.

The per kilowatt-hour rates for the Green Mountain Energy Reliable Rate Plan are as follows: TXU, 8.5 cents; Reliant, 9 cents, TNMP, 9.2 cents, CP&L, 9.1 cents. In addition, customers in all territories will pay the standard customer service charge — currently $4.95 per month.

For more than a year, Green Mountain Energy Company has been signing up electric customers in Texas for 100 percent pollution free wind energy as part of the state’s electric choice program. For a copy of important standardized information and contract terms regarding this product, customers can call Green Mountain Energy Company at 1-866-GREEN TX or visit

Green Mountain EnergySM electricity is a brand of cleaner electricity in the states where Green Mountain Energy Company ( does business. The company provides less-polluting electricity generated from sources including wind, solar, water, geothermal, biomass and cleaner burning natural gas.

More than half a million consumers in seven states: California, Connecticut, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Texas have chosen Green Mountain EnergySM electricity. The Austin, Texas-based company was founded in 1997 with a mission to “change the way power is made.”


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