Green Mountain Power implements Oracle 9i technology to improve business efficiencies and customer satisfaction

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., July 26, 2002 — Oracle Corp. recently announced that Green Mountain Power, Vermont’s second-largest utility company, has implemented Oracle9i Real Application Clusters to centralize information across its entire organization.

Using a solution that combines Oracle9i Real Application Clusters with Hewlett Packard (HP) servers and a HP TruCluster environment, Green Mountain Power is consolidating customer information, geographic information and fieldwork requests onto a single clustered server for a complete 360-degree view of its entire operation.

Green Mountain Power selected Oracle9i Real Application Clusters because of its shared-disk architecture, which provides the company with a reliable and manageable database architecture. In addition, Green Mountain Power chose Oracle Consulting for the implementation based on its expertise.

Using the Oracle9i Real Application Clusters Accelerator Service, the consultants were able to rapidly complete the implementation, enabling Green Mountain Power to quickly begin realizing the benefits of its technology investment. Consolidating information from multiple data stores, Green Mountain Power now has a scalable, and cost-effective and centralized database that is accessible to all its business divisions, from field operations to customer service.

All servers in the cluster deliver real-time access to information within the company’s database, thus enabling Green Mountain Power employees to provide superior service to its 86,000 energy customers.

“We selected Oracle because the people there understand and share our vision. Our customers depend on our service to be always available – without outages – and we needed that same level of commitment and reliability from our technology partners,” said Christopher Dutton, president and chief executive officer for Green Mountain Power.

“Oracle9i Real Application Clusters not only enable us to be on every day, they also provide high performance and unlimited scalability so that we’re prepared for efficient productivity and future growth.”

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Oracle’s database clustering technology enables Green Mountain Power to streamline internal information sharing and enhance customer satisfaction. Using Oracle9i Real Application Clusters, the utility company distributes vital, real-time information through an integrated communication network that links customers, the call center, dispatching, engineering, and line crews.

This information can then be simultaneously reflected across all relevant company records and accounts.

“Thanks to Oracle9i Real Application Clusters, our line workers now have instant access to critical information, including accurate maps, photos of poles and transformers, and technical data,” added Dutton.

“The end result is faster response time for customer service inquiries, greater reliability and overall better customer loyalty.”

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