Green Mountain Power introduces new renewable rate

Colchester, VT, Mar. 14, 2006 — Green Mountain Power Corp. announced that its customers now have the choice of buying all or a portion of their power from renewable energy resources. The Vermont Public Service Board has given its final approval to the program, effective immediately.

“Our customers have expressed interest in being able to choose renewable resources and I’m pleased that we will now be able to offer them that choice. Green Mountain Power’s overall power mix is already low in fossil fuels, but under our new program, customers can choose 100 percent renewable resources,” said Chris Dutton, president and CEO of Green Mountain Power.

Green Mountain Power will purchase certified renewable resources on the New England power grid equal to the portion of electricity customers designate to purchase through Greener Mountain Power. The price of those resources will be locked in for five years. When Vermont projects are available, they will receive a priority. Likely candidates for inclusion would include wind, biomass and biogas.

Green Mountain Power worked closely with the Vermont Department of Public Service and Renewable Energy Vermont in developing the program.

The program is available to residential, commercial and industrial customers. Residential and small commercial customers can choose to have 25 percent, 50 percent or 100 percent of their power come from renewable resources. Large industrial customers may choose a ten percent level, but greater amounts require permission from the company.

Due to the laws of physics, actual electrons flow to the nearest need and cannot be directed to specific locations. Through Greener Mountain Power, customers will be financially supporting qualifying new renewable energy sources connected to the New England electric grid but that power will not necessarily flow to their home.

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