Green Mountain Power seen as green

Waterbury, VT, Jan. 10, 2006 — Green Mountain Power Corp. has been recognized by the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation and the Vermont Small Business Development Center as an Environmental Partner in the Vermont Business Environmental Partnership for its excellent environmental management practices, “green” purchasing, and forward thinking environmental policies.

“Green Mountain Power is taking steps to address its environmental impacts. In doing this, the Company has implemented numerous practices that go beyond compliance,” said Department of Environmental Conservation commissioner Jeff Wennberg.

Green Mountain Power serves 90,000 customers within the State of Vermont and sells electricity and energy services to approximately 25% of Vermont’s retail electricity customers, serving half of the state’s 14 counties. At present, Green Mountain Power generates electricity without any coal, and only four percent of its generation comes from fossil fuels. More than forty percent of Green Mountain Power’s energy comes from renewable sources: hydro, wood and wind.

Examples of Green Mountain Power’s “green” practices include eliminating two hazardous waste streams. To accomplish this Green Mountain Power replaced chlorinated solvent-based parts cleaning with non-hazardous citrus-based solvents and aqueous based cleaners. Additionally, Green Mountain Power substituted ethylene glycol antifreeze for less toxic propylene glycol in its vehicles when possible, and recycles the antifreeze on-site for reuse in its vehicles.

Other noteworthy practices for the department of conservation include not using herbicides on power line rights-of-way, the purchase and use of hybrid and low emission vehicles in its fleet, and subscribing to vehicle idling guidelines to minimize emissions. Green Mountain Power has also started to utilize a 20% biodiesel mixture in its larger vehicles.

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