Growing costs of nuclear power makes renewable energy more attractive

FULLERTON, Calif., Jan. 10, 2005 (Market Wire) — The importance of electric energy in modern times goes without saying, but sometimes without notice as well with electronic appliances and components pervading our everyday lives. Companies in this industry obviously present good long-term investment opportunities. Companies in the traditional electricity generation market do face certain surmounting obstacles to continuing success though.

One such obstacle is the issue of nuclear waste storage. Nuclear power plants are facing increasingly expensive storage costs for radioactive waste that should have been moved to a central repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada, seven years ago. Legislative impasse has prevented the development of this project and caused utility companies such as Dominion Resources, Exelon Corporation, and Southern Company to face the ongoing problem of storing spent nuclear fuel. The 104 licensed nuclear plants in the United States are a vital component of the nation’s energy portfolio, producing 20 percent of electricity generation.

The economic and environmental costs associated with nuclear power and even fossil fuel burning power generating plants has ignited the emerging renewable energy field to provide solutions that are economically and technologically sustainable. Global Environmental Energy Corp. has for the last several years developed a unique proprietary technology, EcoTechnologyâ„-, which supplies energy through an efficient and environmentally safe process. The Biosphere Processâ„- System, a central part of the EcoTechnologyâ„- system, can safely and efficiently processes traditional and non-traditional waste materials into electricity and other beneficial by-products.

Global Environmental presents a good example of companies that see the potential and are looking to capture market share in the growing renewable energy sector. Global Environmental Energy Corp. presents a unique combination of renewable as well as traditional energy generation with its intention to become a fully integrated energy company whose interests will include traditional oil and gas and alternative energy sources, environmental infrastructure and electrical micro-power generation.

Global Environmental Energy Corp. recently announced that it had formed of a wholly owned subsidiary, Sahara Petroleum Exploration Corp., to maximize the Company’s potential as a fully integrated energy company, but especially to develop the Company’s potential in Libya and Algeria. Global Environmental Energy Corp. intends to issue a stock dividend to existing shareholders that own not less than 100 shares of Global Environmental Energy Corp.; 3 new shares of Sahara Petroleum Exploration Corp. will be issued for each 100 shares of Global Environmental Energy Corp. owned.

Investors should consider researching alternative energy companies as potential investment opportunities in light of the current energy market’s precarious position being dictated by factors such as nuclear waste storage and the environmental hazards that it presents, as well as the growing alarm of the environmental costs that traditional fossil fuel burning power plants introduce. Companies such as Global Environmental Energy that are strategically leveraging traditional energy generation with next generation renewable energy production should present good investment opportunities.

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