har*GIS launches mobile solution to view and query distribution assets

CENTENNIAL, Colo., May 9, 2005 — har*GIS Field Information Systemsà¢â€ž- announce the release of a new distribution operations and maintenance application designed for bi-directional compression and transmission of map data, customer information, CAD drawings, photos and facility data stored on enterprise computer systems to low-cost mobile devices used by mobile field workers.

Called DisCo MobileViewà¢â€ž-, the new application is based on the TruckMap*à¢â€ž- Field Information System, an industry-leading field automation platform. DisCo MobileView automates the mobile worker’s ability to easily access corporate GIS, CAD, CIS, transformer and equipment databases, as well as other enterprise data, for a wide variety of distribution operations and maintenance activities. These include work management, maintenance, inspection and outage response. Customer tests show a payback of four months or less, with an average savings of one to four hours per work crew per day.

The application provides mobile workers with access to the customer, equipment, schematic and location information needed from enterprise databases without any need to learn how to operate these systems. The software includes a high-performance map viewer, a database query component, a CAD viewer and scanned drawing viewer to access schematics, with map sketch and extensive field note functions that enable field workers to mark up map changes using hand-held devices such as Windows® Tablet PCs or PocketPC® computers. DisCo MobileView also comes with interfaces to industry-standard GIS, CIS and transformer/equipment databases supporting relational database tables. GPS and wireless options complete the offering.

The software encompasses an intuitive user interface leveraging preconfigured forms, reports and symbology, along with drop-down menus, pick lists, and point-and-click functionality. Using this interface, field personnel can quickly access corporate databases by entering any combination of customer name, address, account number, facility identifier, etc. The system instantly joins the requested database records to their mapped locations and displays them.

DisCo MobileView is ready to deploy out-of-the-box and can typically be delivered and implemented with no custom programming. The software ensures that changes made in the field can quickly be noted or sketched on the screen of the handheld device and transmitted immediately back to other field workers and the corporate office to update the appropriate database.

About har*GIS Field Information Systems

har*GIS is a developer of field information software that makes it possible to display gigabytes of data from any number of mapping databases or Geographic Information Systems (GIS) on inexpensive, handheld wireless field devices and then dynamically download and upload the customer, facility network, asset and materials information needed to efficiently complete an unlimited variety of field operations. The technology combines wireless communications, enterprise information systems and location-based services to deliver information and support to mobile field crews and dispatchers, using standard Windows® Mobile and PC computers.

This enables utility, local government, telecommunications, transportation and route services businesses to extend the value of their corporate information investments to the mobile work force, boosting productivity both in the office and in the field, while also improving the accuracy and timeliness of field inspections, work management and outage response.

Integrated GPS and location-based services graphically display the locations of work to be completed, map out the best route to each location, guide the mobile worker to this location and then provide all the information needed from the customer information system, work management system, outage management system, enterprise resource planning, enterprise asset management, computer-aided design or other enterprise systems so field activities can be completed, posted and closed in real time.

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