HomeRider Systems announces 250,000 routers ordered to date by npower

May 28, 2002 — HomeRider Systems Ltd. has supplied 250,000 routers so far to npower for energy services.

HomeRider Systems Ltd began supplying telephone routers to Yorkshire Electricity in the last quarter 2000. When Innogy, npower’s parent company acquired Yorkshire early 2001 it took over the contract and continued to order routers from HomeRider. The latest orders bring the total number of routers ordered to 250,000. HomeRider are not only providing routers to npower but also a flexible fulfilment service.

npower, number one electricity supplier, number two gas supplier in the UK, has around 7 million customers. Telephony is now part of its core business and a key strategy in its drive to acquire new customers and maximise revenue per household.

HomeRider Systems based in Vienne, France, with subsidiaries in the UK, Canada and the USA has expanded rapidly since due to its solutions in the domain of Home Services. HomeRider has been breaking new ground in the sphere of Integrated Wireless Home Automation, Least Cost Telephony, Internet Communications, Low Power Radio and AMR with an integrated ‘HomeGateway’, the C@ll Rider ®. HomeRider are supplying npower with a highly competitive priced router.

npower is offering savings on telephony to its customers: up to 35%on local calls, 50% on national calls and 66 % on international. A customer signing a telephony contract with npower does so at no financial cost and is free to decide for how long he uses the router. After signing a telephony contract, the customer receives a router through the post, and has simply to plug it into his telephone line & plug the phone into the back of the socket. With the HomeRider router npower is free to purchase telephony at any moment from whichever supplier can offer them the best pricing and quality. HomeRider can simply redirect the calls to the new supplier by immediately updating the routing tables in the router.

Each night npower systems send the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the new telephony customers. HomeRider in UK have provided npower with software integration skills to automate the process as much as possible. The routers are packed, shipped and programmed from Homerider’s UK headquarters near Oxford. HomeRider monitors the routers, provides a second line help desk and provides npower with software reporting. npower invoice its customers directly and is piloting invoices for up to 3 services (electricity, gas and telephone) on a single bill.

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