HomeRider Systems partners with Actaris to develop home services for energy and water distribution companies

May 29, 2002 — An agreement between Actaris and HomeRider Systems, specialist in radio technology and Internet in the home, aims to offer compatibility between Actaris residential meters and AMR applications proposed by HomeRider Systems.

Under the terms of this agreement the two partners will be able to offer and support the entire product range marketed by the two companies, enabling customers to deal with one unique supplier.

This wide-ranging agreement will simplify the choices for customers interested in complete automation solutions, and moreover in home services. Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is only one facet of this global offer, the aim of which is to give customers the ability to access and to manage a variety of user data from anywhere in the world and at a reduced cost.

“As much as the two companies wish to collaborate in a close manner, they have decided to not enter into an exclusivity agreement, which could restrict choices for our customers, explained Robert Frati, CEO HomeRider Systems. In this manner HomeRider Systems may collaborate with other major players in metering, and Actaris may propose other automisation systems with other partners of their choice.” Furthermore in the context of this partnership, Actaris and HomeRider Systems will have access to standard products developed by each entity as well as develop systems together.

“HomeRider solutions are original and attractive compared to existing ones” commented Gerard Gallez, Managing Director Electricity Actaris. “They will facilitate the entry of utilities into the world of home services where their legitimacy is evident. Actaris, a major player in the field of metering and information management for electricity, water and gas, will obviously participate in this fast moving development. Thanks to the expertise and the size of the Actaris sales network, we will help our customers in partnership with HomeRider Systems to respond to the demand of their end users and cover the new needs arising from deregulation.”

“Our radio, Internet and telephony technologies as well as those developed around our central servers are currently widely used in Europe and the United States. The agreement with Actaris validates their pertinence and allows customers to rely on recognised experts in the field of metering systems”, concluded Dominique Seze, Executive Vice President, HomeRider Systems. Our future customers will also be reassured that they can rely on this high-flying partnership

Actaris is a supplier of meters, and systems and services for the electricity, gas, water and heat markets. Its mission consists of delivering innovative products integrating the best-in class technologies to energy and water distribution companies, so as to help them better manage their resources, and strengthen their relationships with the end-users. The group is active in more than 30 countries with a particularly strong presence in Europe, Asia and South America. With 8,000 employees, Actaris’ turnover for the year 2000 reached 830 million euros.

HomeRider Systems based in Vienna and Bordeaux, France has expanded rapidly due to its ideas in Home Services. The mission of the company is to provide innovative solutions in home automation and associated services to utilities, distributors of energy and other similar organisations so that they may optimise residential customer acquisition and retention. Outside of its British and North American subsidiaries HomeRider has established distribution contacts throughout the world. More than 300,000 people use HomeRider products worldwide.

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