Homestead Energy Services completes migration to ArcFm 9.0.1 solution

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Oct. 1, 2004 — Homestead Energy Services (HES), a municipal utility serving more than 16,900 customers in Miami-Dade County, FL, successfully migrated from ArcFM 7.2.1 to the ArcFM 9.0.1 Solution. HES is the first Miner & Miner client to place the latest release of the ArcFM 9.0.1 solution into production.

Homestead Energy Services has been a long-time user of Miner & Miner technology and decided to upgrade to the current version for better support of business requirements. With the updated system now available, the utility will be able to better manage, integrate, and maintain its data.

Implementation for the project began in July 2004 and was completed in just over two and half months. Now in the final data cleanup effort, HES will continue to improve the accuracy and consistency of the system data. The tools in ArcFM enable the utility to quickly identify and correct data issues such as disconnected sections, loops, and double-feeds.

“The ArcFM 9.0.1 set of tools and its interaction with the ArcGIS environment will provide Homestead Electric Services with a more efficient way to manage the geodatabase. HES now has an improved method to identify and correct connectivity issues through the use of the ArcFM QA Framework and Feeder Management functionality,” said Manny Cid, Superintendent of Engineering at HES.

About Miner & Miner

Miner & Miner (M&M) is a world leader in the development and implementation of GIS software for utilities. M&M’s ArcFM Solution and extended services assist electric, gas, water, and wastewater utilities in increasing productivity, lowering costs, and improving services by allowing them to effectively manage spatial information. Founded in 1946 as a full-service electrical engineering firm, M&M has been a business partner of ESRI since 1987. This partnership has enabled M&M to become the world’s leading developer of ArcGIS applications for the utility industry. M&M services include implementation and customization of software to fit the needs of individual utilities. For more information, please visit

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