House vote on Yucca Mountain may happen by May 6

April 25, 2002 — A House committee on Thursday expedited the vote to override the Nevada Governor’s veto of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage project, scheduling it for a full vote around May 6.

In a widely expected move, the House Energy and Commerce Committee approved a resolution overriding Nevada Gov. Kenny Guinn’s statutory veto of the controversial project, Dow Jones Newswires reported. The resolution is now cleared for a full vote of the House, which must get a simple majority to succeed.

Most of the committee’s members represent states with nuclear power plants, adding to the push behind the resolution Thursday.

If the House and Senate succeed in overriding Gov. Guinn, the Yucca Mountain site is likely to become the central storage site for the nation’s high-level nuclear waste, about 80,000 metric tons. Critics of the plan say that not enough analysis has been done regarding water flow through the area during flooding and the security of the routes by which the waste would be transported from their temporary storage sites.

The House is expected to approve the override easily, but the vote in the Senate is expected to be much closer.

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