How well do you delegate?

By Ted Pollock, Management Consultant

“- Do you and your people agree on what results are expected of them?
“- Do you and they agree on measures of performances?
“- Do your people feel they have enough authority over their people?
“- Do they feel they have sufficient authority concerning their resources?
“- Within the last six months what additional authority have you delegated?
“- What more do your subordinates think should be delegated to them?
“- Is accountability fixed for every delegated responsibility? Is your follow-up adequate?
“- Are you accessible when your people need to see you?
“- Do your people fail to seek or accept additional responsibility?
“- What interferes with the effective use of your management time?
“- Do you bypass your people by making decisions that are part of their jobs?
“- Do you do things your subordinates should do? Why?
“- How could you best improve your delegation?
“- If you were incapacitated for six months, who would take your place?
“- Have you ever asked your subordinates individually, “What could I do, refrain from doing, or do differently that could help you do a better job?”

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