Hunt Technologies announces release of kV2c Polyphase Meter equipped with one-way AMR system

PEQUOT LAKES, Minn., Nov. 17, 2004 — Hunt Technologies recently announced the availability of the GE kV2c polyphase meter equipped with its TS1 TurtleĀ® automatic meter reading system. This solid-state meter represents the first “under glass” polyphase solution to integrate Hunt Technologies’ one-way, power line carrier-based AMR system.

“The TS1-equipped GE kV2 meter is a significant advance in polyphase metering,” said Al Swanson, product marketing manager at Hunt Technologies. “The one-way transmitter is a reliable and practical way to get reads and other data values from meters in remote service areas, such as irrigation wells and oilfield pumps.”

The TS1 endpoint transmitter is factory installed to the front of the meter under glass, but still provides access to the meter optical programming port. It supports all common meter forms and all metering voltages from 120V to 480V. For 480V phase-to-phase applications, there is no need for an external potential transformer, making the meter particularly efficient in remote locations.

Hunt Technologies’ power line carrier technology also allows for placement of the meter miles from a substation without the need to invest in additional communication infrastructure. The product supports various user-configurable data transmission options, including kWh, peak demand, minimum and maximum demand, and power outage count.

The TS1 transmitter monitors power consumption and automatically accumulates usage and demand data. It transmits the data to a substation processing unit located at the substation. Because the transmitter uses a pulse initiator output, the customer is still able to use the additional option boards offered by GE on the kV2c. Programming can be accomplished in the meter shop or on-site via the handheld programmer.

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Hunt Technologies uses innovative technology to deliver industry-leading automatic meter reading (AMR) solutions to the electric, water and gas utilities market. Based in central Minnesota, Hunt develops and supports hardware and software for more than 450 customers worldwide.

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